Hi! Here is the new range of cashless readers for Vending.

Newis is proud to present Hi!, a new cashless reader which integrates Bluetooth® and IrDA technology and is compatible with ZiP and MiZiP keys. The new Hi! Range, which consists of three versions (Silver, Gold and Platinum) is designed to satisfy the specific demands of each location, giving businesses maximum flexibility, security, efficiency and comfort.

Hi! features two new reader heads: the first (Silver and Platinum), designed for traditional use with key, but also with card and tag, is compatible with ZiP and MiZiP systems. The second (Gold) is a proximity reader, which works with all types of Mifare cards and tags. The Platinum version can communicate with smartphones via Bluetooth®.

All models of the new Hi! range are based on flexible and reliable Mifare technology (13.56 MHz radio-frequency communication), enabling the sharing of a Mifare card or tag across different applications such as vending, access control, staff restaurant, parking, photocopiers. 125 KHz technology means they are being compatible with ZiP keys.


A new security standard

Hi! unites convenience with maximum security. The key reader features a new security level, which delivers increased protection against hacking, thanks to a highly advanced data encryption system. Furthermore, the proximity Gold reader features Mifare DESFire technology for cards that, in addition to ensuring greater security, can also be used for multi-application management.

Both readers can be installed on all types of vending machines, (free standing and table top) and with Executive and MDB payment protocols. Thanks to Bluetooth® capability, payments can be made via smartphones thanks to Breasy app.

And speaking of smartphones, Bluetooth® dual mode technology enables programming and data retrieval, providing an obvious advantage to operators. You’ll need the Hi! Manager app, available at the Play Store.

Elegant and Customisable 

The new Hi! range has a sleek, modern design and they’re easily integrated in the new generation of vending machines. The Gold version, with its small dimensions, is designed to integrate easily into compact table top machines. The large silk-printable area enables both the reader heads and new tags to be customised, with a wide range of colours and chrome-plated finishing.