Coffee APPeal, you deserve it!

Discover Coffee APPeal, the new user-friendly, free app, which allows to select and customise your drinks directly from your smartphone, without touching the coffee machine, in complete safety.

Makes your coffee break easy!

Discover Breasy, the free app that transforms purchasing from vending machines. Enjoy fast, secure transactions on all Hi! system vending machines, direct from your smartphone.

Newis: smart payment & digital solutions

Newis brings smart payment and connectivity to the market, connecting you with the only brand you'll ever need.

Cloud based data collection allows for remote management of multimedia contents (digital signage) and of the main vending machine parameters (content management). Its telemetry system gives operators a complete insight into their vending machine park (sales statistics, ingredients levels, etc.) providing real time notifications. Furthermore, the brand new Breasy app allows consumers to select a drink and pay for it, a modern mobile payment solution for every vending machine.

/*Newis:*/ smart payment & digital solutions




Hi! is revolutionising Cashless payment systems: manage your vending machines reliably and safely. Simply, just as to say hi!




Breasy is an application provided free of charge for easy, secure payment for any product from vending machines with the Hi! cashless system installed.



AmiClo: Your friend in the cloud

AmiClo is Newis cloud software solution which allows to push information on Necta and Wittenborg machines. AmiClo software is composed by Digital Signage (DS) through which operators and location managers have the possibility to push playlists on machines with touchscreen and Content Management (CM), which gives the possibility to remotely download software, change UX and modify recipe parameters.

AmiClo: Your friend in the cloud