With Coffeed and AmiClo, the future looks smart

Coffeed and AmiClo are the revolutionary cloud integrated services for the simple, smart and environmentally friendly management of IoT equipped, fully-automatic coffee machines.

In the efficient management of the machine estate, Coffeed offers immediate advantages. Ingredients consumption and dispensing parameters can be monitored in real time and operators can check that pre-programmed washing cycles have run as required. Operators can also expect reduced technical interventions thanks to timely information relating to preventive maintenance. In this way, service and in-cup quality are always guaranteed. AmiClo, on the other hand, allows operators to update the software, modify recipe parameters and customise the touchscreen’s multimedia elements, to entertain and inform customers as they wait. AmiClo also allows operators to reboot and reset machine failures remotely and in total safety.

All this is achieved with the utmost simplicity and immediacy, through intuitive web interfaces and thanks to quick and easy configurations with wide customisation possibilities - plus unique access to EVOCA cloud services.

AmiClo e Coffeed are compatible with the new generation of coffee machines from Gaggia and Necta, such as La Radiosa, La Solare, Kalea Plus e Krea Touch. These machines can be interfaced with telemetry services through one of the many on-board technologies, for instance 4G, LAN e Wi-Fi.

Using the cloud platform, HoReCa operators can improve profit margins by remotely controlling the whole machine estate or just a part of it, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership and delivering a top-quality service to customers.

Discover more on Coffeed https://youtu.be/L8m41dINOeQ