Europe chooses Breasy

2023 marked record growth for Breasy, the cashless payment app from Newis that has revolutionised the way we make purchases in the Vending sector. This success confirms Breasy as the ideal partner for fast, secure transactions; directly from our smartphones.

With an 84% increase in card transactions year on year, Breasy has won the hearts of many Europeans thanks to its ease of use, the security of its transactions and the vast network of operators who use its service.

The record numbers of 2023 :

• Annual transactions: demonstrating users' ever-increasing confidence in using Breasy for their everyday purchases, Breasy handled 6.29+ million bank card transactions in 2023. 255,986 people carried out at least one transaction during the year.

• Affiliated operators: the platform has expanded the network of European operators who offer this service, and a new record of 724 has been set. From small offices to large companies, Breasy has become the epitome of practicality and versatility.

• User experience: Breasy has constantly implemented new features to improve the user experience. From the ability to manage the queue, to the improvement of the shopping experience (thanks to the voice command facility) ; from the possibility of selecting the product from the mobile, to the opportunity to refer to previous purchases,, the app offers a complete range of services that go far beyond simple payments.

• Feedback from the market: Breasy has achieved an increase in sales and customer loyalty, thanks to its ‘reliability', 'ease of use' and 'transaction speed’.  

• Outlook for the future:  Breasy is subject to continuous development, so you can expect further improvements in 2024. A graphic redesign, new payment methods; a new loyalty platform and a renewed web portal for data consultation: these are just some of the initiatives in the pipeline which will ensure that Breasy remains at the forefront in the cashless payments sector.

With 2023 marked by success after success, Breasy has confirmed its position at the top in the panoply of vending cashless payment apps, offering a reliable, safe and convenient solution for both operators and users.