EVOCA GROUP and Mastercard introduce Breasy, the new payment app to buy easily coffee with one click.

EVOCA Group, global leader in the vending machines market for coffee, hot beverages and snacks, as well as a major player in the Ho.Re.Ca sector and OCS, and Mastercard will present Breasy, a new payment app which allows to buy coffee with smartphones, at Venditalia, the most important international exhibition of automatic distribution.

Thanks to Breasy and through a Bluetooth connection, customers can link their devices to a vending machine, equipped with the innovative cashless payment system Hi!. By choosing the products at their disposal with this new app, consumers have the chance to live a completely innovative and digital shopping experience. The payment is done by Breasy app, a brand-new app by Newis, available for Android and iOS platform. Using Breasy, customers can pay via smartphones through safe technology, granted by the online payment platform Masterpass by Mastercard.

Through this unique app, that vending industry operators may tailor with their colors and logos, Evoca transforms the way purchases are carried out by vending machines. This is possible, because products’ choice takes place directly from smartphone, without touching the machine. Furthermore, Breasy saves purchase preferences and manages queues in a very smart way:  the app points out to the consumers the number of people in a queue, and as the customers turn comes, it automatically connects them to the authorized vending machine. Breasy allows to easily and safely buy at vending machine, by using one of the cards already registered through the Mastercard technology, which drove for years the digital payment innovation worldwide.

Mastercard and EVOCA make innovations in the way customers pay and choose products: from coffee break at the office to every kind of transit hubs.

We are committed to create and enable innovative and safe payment solutions to support banks, customers and merchants. Our main role is to guide the digital revolution, offering to our partners some technologies, which streamline the user experience in order to answer to their needs. At Mastercard, we want to speed the everyday purchase habits, like shopping, restaurants and public transports, trying to break down the barriers between the physical and digital environment”, stated Massimiliano Gallo, Vice President Business Development Italy at Mastercard.

Evoca Group stands out to suggest some cutting-edge technologies, which are capable of dealing with market needs, redefining the operative industry standards. Today, as never before, to succeed in more and more competitive markets, it is necessary to focus on innovation and digital technologies. Obviously, this is possible, by providing tailored service to customers and more innovative answers in a very changing market”, affirmed Andrea Zocchi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Evoca Group.