Touchless Vending

Touchless Vending, the solution for a safe restart: with Breasy the whole process of product selection, customisation and purchase is done entirely from the app, without touching the vending machine.

A real innovation destined to revolutionise the standards of safety and user experience in Vending has been launched under the Newis brand. With Breasy the user completes from their own phone every step they would normally take on the machine: check which products are available, customise drinks, consult nutritional information and pay safely thanks to Masterpass platform by Mastercard. What’s more, users can store their favourite combinations to speed up subsequent purchases.

The system allows several users in the vicinity of the vending machine to be connected at the same time, browsing through the available selections simultaneously and proceeding with their own customisation without engaging the machine: once the choice has been made, Breasy manages the queue, respecting the actual placing of the order. This makes it possible to guarantee greater health safety, maintaining an appropriate distance during the selection of the drink and waiting for it to be dispensed.

The future is now: make your break a unique and safe experience!

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