Which Evoca Group brands currently support AmiClo?

AmiClo is currently available for the new generation Necta and Wittenborg machines. In order to see if AmiClo is enabled on a vending machine, take look inside at its technical menu.

How can I enable the machine to work with AmiClo?

By configuring the necessary parameters in the machine technical menu and by registering the machine at the Televend Newis Edition portal.

Why is the registration into the Televend Newis Edition portal necessary?

In order to function properly, machines must be registered in the cloud.

How can I enable my first machine in the AmiClo cloud portal?

In order to record your first machine in AmiClo, you’ll need to create a corporate account, which will be visible in the Televend Newis Edition portal. Only after your machine has been properly configured, it will be visible on the cloud portal.

Which parameters can I change with AmiClo?

As an operator, you can modify the screensaver and delivery playlists through the AmiClo Digital Signage section. Recipes, logos and software updates can be downloaded to the machine through the Content Management section.

Who has access to the portal?

AmiClo offers multi-level user management. The operator has dedicated access and can grant an additional user level to managers at specific locations.

How can I update the content on my vending machine?

Vending machine modifications take place by downloading and subsequently activating updates through the AmiClo cloud portal.

Is it necessary to open a new account if an operator already has the Televend Newis Edition telemetry service?

No. If the operator already has an Evoca telemetry portal company account, he needs only request an AmiClo activation and his machine will be immediately enabled for AmiClo service.

How can I check if the machine is updated?

The system provides automatic feedback. Multimedia contents, software and recipe updates are checked by the machine in real time.

Are there any hidden costs or fees to pay?

No. The operator pays based on the content he wishes to send to the machine. The offer can be tailored to his specific needs.

Final Location

Where can I use AmiClo?

AmiClo can be used on new generation Necta and Wittenborg machines, for which the operator has previously requested the authorization.

What should I do once I have identified a potentially compatible machine?

You should ask to your operator if the machine is enabled for AmiClo; if the answer is positive, ask for an account to be created, which will enable you to manage your location.

What is the difference between Digital Signage and Content Management?

Digital Signage refers to multimedia management, while Content Management refers to the customization of machine’s technical aspects.

What can I do if the machine is enabled for AmiClo?

You can take advantage of the Digital Signage function by downloading multimedia content into the machine.

Which types of playlists can I edit through the Digital Signage?

You can customize ‘drink dispensing’ playlists, which are displayed during the delivery of a specific product, and ‘screensaver’ playlists, which are displayed when the machine is in standby.

Have you tried to deploy with AmiClo and failed?

First of all, make sure that the machine is connected. If you have already done so, the system automatically makes several attempts to send the content to the machine.

If the playlists are blocked, how can I unlock them?

You need to ask to the operator to unlock them. Then the system should be ready with all its functions.

How can I check if the machine is updated?

The system gives automatic feedback. Multimedia contents, software and recipe updates are checked in real time by the machine.

Is there any cost for the location in relation to the content delivery on the machine?

No, the location has no cost connected with the operation on the machine.