Which Hi! Versions are enabled to use Breasy?

Breasy is available on Hi! Platinum with integrated Bluetooth.

How can I enable Hi! to operate with Breasy?

First of all, register and configure Hi! on the web based portal. Then, set your required parameters directly on Hi!.

Which is the function of the Beacon number?

The Beacon number identifies individual machines. This number will be displayed in the app in order to allow connection with the vending machine.

How do I get Breasy stickers to put on my vending machines? And how do I customize it?

Your Breasy sticker will be delivered together with Hi!. It is also downloadable on the website (even the QR code version). You can customize it with the desired number.

Which parameters can I monitor from the Breasy web portal?

You can easily monitor the number of transactions, the cash amount (filtered by specific location) and much more.

How can I customize the app?

The app is totally customizable through the dedicated cloud portal.

Who can access to the portal?

Only you can access the transactions related to your account, but if you need support, you can choose to allow Evoca to help you.

On which vending machines can I use Breasy?

Breasy is a multi-operator mobile app. It means that you can use it with any vending machine that’s equipped with payment system.

Is it necessary to open a specific bank account to receive Breasy transactions?

No, it isn’t. Evoca S.p.A. has stipulated extremely advantageous conditions for interbank services (Intesa San Paolo). You need only provide the IBAN to receive your takings directly into your bank account, quickly and securely.

Are there any hidden costs or fees to pay?

No, there aren’t. You pay a very low fixed cost per transaction for each preset period of time. Therefore, Evoca S.p.A. will not know the financial amount included the transactions, just its number.

End User

Where can I use Breasy?

Breasy can be used on vending machines equipped with Hi! payment system which display a Breasy sticker provided.

What should I do once I’ve installed Breasy?

It’s easy! Create an account, activate Bluetooth and turn location services on, enter a payment method and you’re good to go.

Where is my personal data stored once the account is created?

Your personal data is safely stored on secure servers. No one else has access to it unless you give your specific consent.

Which is the difference between the "Payment card" and the "Wallet" payment method?

The “Payment card” enables you to make a single transaction, paying only for your purchase. To use the "Wallet" you have to top-up your account using payment card (minimum charge is 5€ or 10€) or cash (no minimum amount is required). Remember, the “Wallet” can only be used with the related operator and cannot be removed as long as it’s in credit.

Which payment cards are accepted?

The following payment cards are accepted: Mastercard and Visa. These are solutions compatible with the Masterpass™ platform by Mastercard.

Have you tried to add your payment card and failed?

Make sure you've activated the 3D Secure Code service on your payment card. It’s easy to do, either through your Bank’s Home Banking portal or by physically visiting your bank.

If the payment is not successful, will the money be deducted anyway?

No, it won't be deducted. If the product is not dispensed, Breasy cancels the operation in real time. In fact, you will be able to immediately verify that your credit has remained unchanged by viewing the transaction details in the “History” section. However, it is possible that the payment is successful even if the goods are not delivered. In these cases, please contact the operator who will give your money back.

Where can I check the history of my payments?

The app has a specific section called “History”, where all your transaction information is stored.

Are there any costs for the final user related to the recharge of the wallet?


Are there any charges for the final user who pays through a payment card?